Pistachio Ecobag

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100% Recycled Eco friendly PP material

37 cm height x 42 cm width x 18 cm depth

White 45 cm long, strong handles

10-12 kg capacity

Pistachio Ecobag : Whatever you say, pistachio is a special and really tedious seed that inspired us. Who could resist such a bowl of pistachio, which we are willing to break down and eat in a good company during long conversations. This eco-shopping bag a quite big one and helps you to carry your loads.

Knowledge facts :

  • It is an interesting fact that pistachios are not peanuts or nuts, but are actually the seeds of a fruit whose meat is removed during processing. The only reason many people find nuts is that pistachio is a distant relative of cashew nuts.
  • According to legend, Queen Sheba declared pistachios as royal food, and therefore only allowed her rulers to consume. Apart from the queen, King Nebuchadnezzar Babylon was also passionate about pistachios and planted it in his famous pendant garden.
  • This seed intake is also extremely healthy because it reduces bad LDL and increases good HDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. However, pistachios are worth consuming, as they are rich in energy: 10 dkg of seed contains almost 550 calories.
  • For centuries, not only the pistachio seed but the tree crust was chewed by humans. In the public consciousness, the perception was that chewing the crust bleaches and cleanses the teeth and refreshes the breath.

We hope that this unique, Pistachio premium ecobag will bring joy to everyone!

We hope you will love our variety of premium ecobags and you will find the favourite one or ones from them.


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