BIG Blue Ecobag

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100% Recycled Eco friendly PP material

40 cm height × 44 cm width × 22 cm depth

White 45 cm long, strong handles

20-22 kg capacity

Big Blue Ecobag : This ecobag is made of 100% recycled eco-friendly PP material. The nice blue colored bag imprinted with only white color. The drawings which imprinted to the bag are the drawings of a 5 years old kid:) The size of this ecobag are quite big. Enough to carry a lot of stuffs easily up to 25 kgs. This BIG BLUE Ecobag is a summer-beach bag for everybody:)

Interesting history : Visual depictions of sailing boats have been dated as far back as 5500 BCE. Discovered on painted discs from ancient Mesopotamia found in modern day Kuwait. These sailing boats, used on the Nile River. Were simple, square-rigged reed ships with a single square papyrus sail attached to a mast. Ancient civilisations including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used sailing boats. Many cultures and practitioners have contributed to advancements in the science and practice of sailing over the millennia.

Polynesians sailed dugout outrigger canoes to colonise islands, using sticks to create navigational charts of wave patterns and currents that experienced pilots would commit to memory. Arab, Chinese and Indian cultures all had prehistoric sailing traditions. Although Norse Viking ships supplemented sail power with oars but managed to do that cross between the Atlantic’s northern islands, and as far as North America, mostly under sail. And European societies took up the mantle of innovating sailing technologies and techniques during the so-called Age of Discovery.

We hope that this unique, hand-drawed giant sized BIG BLUE premium ecobag will bring joy to everyone!

We hope you will love our variety of premium ecobags and you will find the favourite one or ones from them

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