Turmix Ecobag

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100% Recycled PP material

28 cm height × 24 cm width × 18 cm depth

Blue strong handles

10-12 kg capacity

Turmix Ecobag : The bag is inspired by a healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestlye of course means not only making and consuming shakes:) The bag has a silky-touch, eco-textile interior, and its outer cover gives the ecobag an extra look with its fruity and smooth shade. The ecobag is made of environmentally friendly 100% recycled PET bottle material. We carefully designed and manufactured according to today’s trends and fashion, not just one of many, but an ecobag that stands out among many.

Healthy lifestlye tips :

  1. Get active each day
  2. Choose water as a drink or smoothies
  3. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  4. Switch off the TV or  leave your smartphone at home for an hour
  5. Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternative

We hope that this unique, Turmix premium ecobag will bring joy to everyone!

We hope you will love our variety of premium ecobags and you will find the favourite one or ones from them.

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