Wineworld Ecobag

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100% Recycled PP material

28 cm height × 24 cm width × 18 cm depth

Black strong handles

10-12 kg capacity

Wineworld Ecobag :  For the benefit of men and for wine enthusiasts, we have created the newest brother of the successful Vinoteca Ecobag, the Wineworld Premium Ecobag. The bag is made of eco-friendly 100% recycled PP material, carefully designed and manufactured to suit today’s trends and fashion. With the usage of this bag we can transport up to 6 pieces of 0,7 liter bottles safely.

  • “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” – Ernest Hemingway.

Drinking red wine in small doses is better for you than not drinking at all! It might come as a surprise, but several human trial studies have shown moderate red wine consumption to be better for you than not drinking at all. Why? The antioxidants found in red wine lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, mortality, and type-2 diabetes. Of course, if you drink more than you’re supposed to, the benefits are replaced by increased health risks. So, do yourself a favor, drink red wine in moderation. Hundreds of aromas found in red wine come from just grapes. All those aromas of cherry, berry, jam, and herbs found in a glass of red wine are derived from nothing more than fermented grapes and the aging wine in oak barrels. There are no flavor additives.

We hope that this unique, Wineworld premium ecobag will bring joy to everyone!

We hope you will love our premium ecobags sortiment and you will find the favourite one or ones from them.

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