Lavender Ecobag – No 2.

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100% Recycled PET and PP material - RPET and PP

30 cm height × 30 cm width × 18 cm depth

Shoulder-length handles

10-12 kg capacity

Lavender Ecobag model of 2019: One of our favorite Premium Ecobag is made of RPET material, which consists of all hand-painted motifs and patterns.

  • Knowledge facts: 5 important facts, which every fan should know
  1. According to a Christian legend, lavender had no characteristic odor until Mary, the mother of Jesus, once laid her clothes on a lavender bush.
  2. According to a Roman superstition, the aspic snake (a dangerous viper species) puts its nest amongst the lavender bursts. For this reason, the approach of the plant was considered dangerous and its price became more peppery.
  3. In the Middle Ages it was known as a medicinal herb of love. It was believed this flower water sprayed on the hair of a loved one preserves the wearer’s impertinence.
  4. During a 17th-century plague epidemic in London, people wound a lavender beak on both wrists to defend themselves against death.
  5. It cames to North America by the colonists, where it becames especially well known for being mixed with tea when the price of Asian tea was too high.
  • Important things:
  1. Levander biscuit: To find many recipes on the internet, the most famous is the Provence spice salt, but the lavender flavor of the lavender is the best for me. We can also use the flower or essential oil to taste, in the latter case it is worth to choose Levendula oil of pure purity!
  2. Mosquitoes do not like their strong scent, so there are a few drops for natural protection. If the problem has already occurred with the mosquito bite, it speeds up wound healing and relieves itching.
  3. This flower is believed to originate from the Mediterranean, India and the Middle East. Its history began 2000-2500 years ago, and its popularity is due to its delicate, sweet-scented flower and its versatile use.
  4. Its Latin name, “lavandarius” comes from the word “lavare”, which means “wash”, referring to the use of plant-made cakes. Others believe that the name comes from the Latin livere, which means “bluish”.

We hope that this unique, hand-painted Lavender premium ecobag will bring joy to everyone!


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