Tulip Ecobag

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100% Recycled PET and PP material - RPET and PP

30 cm height × 30 cm width × 18 cm depth

Two different colored handles in shoulder-length

10-12 kg capacity

Tulip Ecobag : This wonderful premiem ecobag was manufactured in two different types of material. One from PP and the other  from R-PET material. This interesting tulips imprint behaves differently with these two materials. The small tulips appear everywhere in the ecobag, making even more toned and vivid.

Knowledge facts: 

  • The name of the tulip comes from the Farsi (Persian) word “toli” because its shape resembles the turban used in the Islamic world. In the European folk art, the motif is mostly common in love gifts and embroidery.
  • Tulips are likely the culprits behind the first economic crash. In the 1600s these flowers were the most expensive flower in the world—some were even valued higher than most homes. Speculators traded bulbs for far above their true value before the market suddenly crashed. The term “Tulip Mania” was derived from this phenomenon. Now, Tulip Mania is often used to describe any economic bubble.
  • Tulips will wilt if they’re arranged with daffodils. Daffodils release a sap that clogs up the steps of other cut flowers—particularly delicate tulips.
  • Tulip blooms are fleeting. Depending on your climate, they can last up to two weeks in colder weather, or only a few days in warmer areas.
  • Some tulip varieties are actually illegal in parts of the world. Also referred to as “broken” tulips, striped tulips were outlawed by the Dutch government in the 1980s because, though beautiful, they can weaken bulbs.
  • Tulips are edible! During World War II, tulips were often eaten by those who couldn’t afford other foods. The flowers can be used to replace onions in many recipes, and they can even be made into wine.

We hope that this unique, Tulip Ecobag will bring joy to everyone!

We hope you will love our premium ecobags sortiment and you will find the favourite one or ones from them.

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