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The "premiumecobags.com" and the "butterfly" trademarks are ECO STANDARD qualifications which represent a sense of life, attitude and culture that fits into our environmentally conscious everyday as a missing brick into our fragile wall of LIFE!

The many heartbeats of our Earth are all human beings that are carried on their back again and again every day, and it is enough for us to adore our tireless work with the smallest things. The environmental awareness that we are protecting our planet, even at the slightest thought level, should be the individual interest of all people.

Each of the Premium Ecobags are a color brush stroke in this huge and complex image, the main purpose is to protect the health of our Earth and our wonderful world.

Our goal is to help create a more livable and cleaner future with our colorful, trendy and fashionable eco-messages. Each and every piece of our eco-friendly ecobag is a stylish, unique idea for a more beautiful and clearer future. With the variety of our ecobags, we try to reach out to all ages and to address everyone to look after our environment.

Take care of our fragile world! Let’s make friends with nature!

With the design, manufacture and wholesale of eco-friendly ecobags made of 100% recycled material, we want to deliver these messages to the vast waters of our planet as a fragile sailboat. Who uses our ecobags contributes to the protection of our Earth, our world and our environment – and to the painting of a nicer, clearer future. These eco bags are eco-friendly, stylish, colorful, fashionable, practical, trendy and last but not least affordable.

Let’s try to change together and be more attentive and patient about our environment, our fellow human beings. Use our Premium Ecobags in our everyday life!

Please join us and be a part of our Social Life!

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Take care of our Fragile World TOGETHER!

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